Friday, February 3, 2012

Chapter 4 Project

A security camera sees a robber at the top of a 220-ft-tall skyscraper and recorded him running away towards a house. The angle of depression from the burglar changes from 18 degrees to 30 degrees.

A. What is the angle of depression from the camera on the top of the skyscraper to the runner at 30 degrees?

B. If the angle of depression of the burglar changed from 30 degrees to 18 degrees from the camera, how far did the burglar run?

C. If the house the burglar entered in is 20 degree away, how tall is the house?

D. The camera on top of the skyscraper looked farther to make a 40 degrees because of the burglar's trick. What is the angle of depression of the camera to the new site now?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

chapter 4 project

A horse is 200ft away from a barn and looks up at a 20 degree angle of elevation to see the top. It walks up and the angle of elevation becomes 40 degree. It walks up again and the angle became 60 degree.
a) At the end point of the horses walk how far is it from the barn?
b)How far did the horse travel from the second point to the third point?
c)How far did it travel from the first point to the second point?
d)At the first point what is the distance between the horse and the top of the barn?

Real World Functions

Function: A function is when there is only 1 range value for every domain.
Relation: A relation is a set of ordered pairs.
Each ASB officer has only one brand of phone, it fails as a function if one ASB officer has two brands of phones.
The independent variables are the ASB officers and the dependent variables are the phone brands.
The domain are ASB officers and the range are the phone brands.

Chapter 4 Project

From the top of the 100 feet apartment balcony, a girl watches a tour bus moving towards her. The angle of depression changes from 20° to 40° during the period of observation.

A. How far does the second bus travel to the apartment?

B. Find the distance x from the bus to the building with the depression of 40

C. From the second balcony, she looks down and observes the bus traveling to the apartment. From the angle of depression, it is 70°. How high up is the second balcony?

D. From the angle of elevation of 35°, there is a balloon above the second balcony. How high up from the ground is the balloon?