Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ch 2 Project has shown that my house $513k when we moved in on May, 2010. The price of it now (June 2012) is worth around $420k. To find what kind of regression model I used for the that, I plugged the X and Y values into the stats table. Then I clicked Stat > Calc > Lin Reg / Quad Reg / Cubic Reg / Cubic Reg. Then I entered one of those regression and clicked Y1 and Y2 and entered again. Then i can see the numbers for each regression. To see which model was best, I chose the one that was closest to 1 for R^2 and it was the Quartic Regression, so I chose that as my equation. 

My house value cannot reach $100k as the minimum house price was $379k.
My prediction can be changed if prices need to be dropped so it becomes more affordable to the general population.

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