Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ch2 Project

       According to Zillows, my house is now worth $,242,300 as of June 03, 2012. I moved into this house around June, 2008 and it was worth around $484,000. To find the regression equation for the data, i plugged them into a graphing calculator and found that the Quartic Regression best fits the data because the coefficient of determination was the highest (r^2 = 0.7419).
      The Quartic Regression if got from my data is y = 0.4659x^4 - 10.42094x^3 + 63.9653x^2 - 69.3296 + 353.4242.
      My house's value will never reach $100,000 because the minimum value of my house is $275,950 and my prediction can be changed if my neighborhood starts to improve and the prices of nearby houses rise so my house would probably rise along with them.

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