Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ch. 2 Project

 From the data that we get from, I find out that the house I live in worth 546,000 at Jun, 2004. To find the best fit model to predict the price of the house at certain time period. So I put all my data into the calculator by pushing STATS and punching in the numbers, then I press STATS again to try out the buttons that make the best formula, like linear regression, Quadratic regression, Cubic regression, Quartic regression, and I found out that Cubic regression is the best fit equation because r^2 = .9427, so this is the only equation that is closest to 1. So the equation is 1.55x^3 + -33.4x^2 +189.82x + 246.6 . In the future, this house will never drop to 100,000 dollars because the minimum value is 357.23k. This equation can be change when  the government change or tax change , and other factors.

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