Thursday, June 7, 2012

Chapter 2

According to the data provided in zillow the house that I moved into in 2002 was worth $230,000. To find the model you go to stat then edit then plug in your x values and your y values. The x values would be from 2002-2011 then the y values are from $230,000-$533,000. The quadratic regression was the best because the R was closer to 1. The quadratic regression model was Y = .47115384615439x^4+ -3779.3265345809x^3+11368322.761959x^2+-15198295709.015x+7619451108445.9. The house that I live in will never be worth 100,000 because the minimum value is 230,000. A factor that can affect the value of my house would be if more people move into the area or if there is another recession.

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