Saturday, November 12, 2011

Ch 1 Real World Function

For my real world function I decided to do mines on one phone number goes to one person. The domain for this function is ( 511,777-3333,596-3700) . The range is the (Info. place, Oakland police department, Emerville police department). Definition for function is a relation that associates each value in the domain with exactly one value in the range. The first graph to the left is a function because there is exactly one domain for each one range. Not a function would be that if your phone is acting up and when you call one person your phone is calling three people at the same time when you only dialed one number. As you can see there is a second graph and the second graph isn't a function because there is only one domain for all the ranges. Definition of a relation is a set of ordered pairs of real numbers. The independent variable in this function is the phone number that you are dialing. The dependent variable is the person who picks up.