Monday, November 14, 2011

Ellie Cosine

About Me

The schools that i have attended were Lincoln Elementary school, Edna Brewer middle school, and now i attend Oakland High school. I do not have a job but i volunteer as a link crew member and what link crew does is help with school activities like registration or decorations. I would like to be a veterinarian or a nurse. I am not sure what yet but i am sure it will change in the future. Some interests i have are playing volleyball and badminton. These two are my favorite sports because i like how in volleyball you work as a team and it is pretty hardcore. I like to go out with my friends because they always make me happy. I love to read and my favorite books to read are the Harry Potter series and the Mortal Instruments series.

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Rori Abernethy said...

I love Harry Potter too Elle : )
Veterinarian and nurse are two good choices 10/10