Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chapter P Graphing Functions

During Chapter P, we reviewed some things that we learned from our previous math courses that would be applied in Math Analysis.

We had to do a project on graphing parent functions and performing translations on it. Some of the translations we did in this project was vertical shift, horizontal shift, and reflection across the x-axis.

My parent function was y=x^2.
  • So the original equation is y=x^2 which is graphed in black.
  • Then I performed a horizontal shift 7 units to the left so my equation was changed to y=(x+7)^2
  • After the horizontal shift, I performed a vertical shift of 2 units up thus my equation came out to being y=x^2 + 2
  • After my vertical shift up 2 units, I decided to shift it down 2 units from the original equation so it came out to be
    y=x^2 -2
  • After I did the horizontal and vertical translations, I decided to do a reflection across the x-axis so I multiplied the whole original equation by -1 so it came out to be y= -x^2

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