Monday, November 14, 2011

Ch. P Graphing Functions by Ellie Cosine

For our chapter P project we had to graph using the parent functions. We had to make different types of transformations with the parent functions. The transformations we used were Horizontal and Vertical Translations and we also reflected them across the X-axis and Y-axis.
The parent function that i will talk about is the Cubic function y=x^, represented in black.

First i translated the function 6 units down y=x^3-6, represented in light blue. Next i translated it to left 11 units y=(x+11)^3, represented in pink. Then i combined vertical and horizontal translations and shifted the function to the left 10 units and down 7 units y=(x+10)^3-y, represented in darker blue. Then i reflected the function across the x-axis y=-x^3, represented in green. Last but not least i combined vertical shift and reflection i moved the function down 9 units and reflected it across the x-axis y=-x^3-9, represented in purple.

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