Thursday, September 1, 2011

About Cody Hexagon

Hey! My name is Cody Hexagon. Schools i have attended are Franklin Elementary School, Roosevelt Middle School, and now i'm in the 11th grade representing the juniors in Oakland High School. I do not have a job yet, but i had volunteered babysitting, teaching/tutoring little kids, and doing community services. In the future, i hope i can become a doctor; a family & general practitioner. I really love to help people out. Some favorite things/hobbies i like to do is playing basketball. I love to play with my guitar, ukulele, and piano. Music inspired me to do many things due to the lyrics of songs and the emotions of it. I like to draw, and i love to spend my time hanging out with my friends & family. Those are the best! Also, i like to spend my time helping people out when they are in need and taking care of children/babies.

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Rori Abernethy said...

Maybe you'll be a pediatrician and you'll get to take care of children/babies all day long. 10/10