Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jason Helix

Hi, my name is Jason Helix. I have attended Garfield Elementary School, Roosevelt Middle School, and am currently enrolled in Oakland High School as a Junior of the class of 2013. I haven't had much work experience or volunteer jobs, except for the occasional E.S.A. related volunteer jobs. My future is still a mystery to me and have no immediate job or occupation that I want to be involved with, but at some point of my childhood, I wanted to become a pilot and take control of my very own aircraft. One of my favorite things to do is to swim. Even though I complain about how difficult it is, I still enjoy the feeling of being weightless, and drift off into the deep blue.


Suki Matrix said...

Your picture is so cool!

Rori Abernethy said...

Hey did you know a person can get their pilot's license before you drivers license. Maybe you're a poet too : ) Nice description. 10/10