Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ch. P Graphing Functions

Our chapter P project was to graph parent Functions. We had to we did our project on graphing parent do many different types of Transformations. My parent function was y = |x| which looks like a V shape. What I did first was to graph the parent function y =|x| which is in the middle covered by the brown line and the brown color is a Reflection across the Y-Axis or a horizontal reflection y=|-x|. Since reflecting across the Y-Axis for this function, it'll look exactly the same since it is symmetrical on both sides. My next translation was a Vertical Translation y=|x| + 3 where I move the function up by 3 indicated by the orange line. This shows that the function moved up by 3. Then I used the Horizontal translation y=|x-1| indicated by the red lines which shows the graph moved to the right by one. After that, I combined the vertical and horizontally translation together y=|x-1|+3 to move it up 3 and right one shown by the green line. After doing that, I made a reflection across the X-Axis y=-|x| which flips the equation upside down shown in blue. The last transformation what a vertical, horizontal translation, as well as a vertical reflection y=-|x-1|+3 where I move to the right one, up 3, and flip it outside down


Rori Abernethy said...

Hi John,

Please post the other 4 graphs.

Rori Abernethy said...

Cool! 20/20