Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ch. P Graphing Functions by Jason Helix

In our CH 0 project, we graphed parent functions. with the functions, we used the function to create a variety of transformations. The graph in top right corner shows the function in black, y=|x|. The blue is the vertical translation of the parent function, which is y=|x|+2. The red is the horizontal translation changing to y=|x-3|. The purple is both a vertical and horizontal translation making it y=|x-3|+2. The green one is a horizontal reflection, which goes across the y-axis, equaling to y=|-x|. The pink is a vertical reflection across the x-axis, forming y=-|x|. The orange one is a vertical and horizontal translation, with a vertical reflection, creating y=-|x-3|+2.


Rori Abernethy said...

Please describe in a little more detail how transformations work. 16/20

Unknown said...

Like you graphs bro!

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