Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ch P Graphing Functions

For our project, we had to graph the five parent functions, and this is one of them. Y= cube root of x. ( The last picture of the five)
1) This is the original function y= the cube root of x before any transformation, in the lime green color.
2) I then performed a vertical translation of 4 units up by adding it after the function, in purple color. See above.
3) Following after the vertical translation was a horizontal translation of 2 units left, shown above in the pink color.
4) The sky blue function shows the original function translated both vertically and horizontally.
5) The black function above is a vertical reflection of the original function.
6) The orange function is a horizontal reflection of the original function.


Rori Abernethy said...

Hi Karessa,

Please describe the translation of one of the 5 parent functions in more detail.

Please include the other 4 graphs.

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Rori Abernethy said...