Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ch. P Graphing Functions by Donald

In this project we had to draw transformations and each transformation contains a function. For example y= x^2 is the function for a parabola and y= |x| is the function for the V. I've drawn changes to the function and the orange parabola directly to the bottom of the center parabola is a vertical translation and and the green parabola directly to the left of the center parabola is a horizontal translation. There are four parabolas going up and two going down. The two going down are reflections of the parabola and both of which are in the negative x-axis. The y-axis cuts the 3 parabolas in the middle in half!


Cody Hexagon said...
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Cody Hexagon said...

ayyee dooodee, i really like how your graphs are soo clear and preeettaayyy! simple and easy Mr. Polygon!

Rori Abernethy said...

16/20. Please give more explanation.